Sunday, March 2, 2008

Spring things

Some signs spring is upon us:
  • Flipping that kitchen calendar to "March."
  • Playing hooky with the kids. I call them in "well" to school -- they feel too good to sit inside all damn day! -- and we pass the day skiing lovely, light early-spring snow under the warm and naked sun.
  • Sitting in the the hot tub (speaking of naked ...) listening to the birds whistle happy songs while feasting on the re-stocked feeders my wife has hanging all around our backyard.
  • The snowpack settles and sublimates and melts its way in half -- yst still is two feet deep in the yard.
  • The days smell as rich and moist as a wet dog.
  • Back to the ritual of sleeping outside once a week with Webb on the back back deck off his room. Orion just hangs up there with his bow eternally drawn toward Farmington.
  • I wake up early, and the day is already light.
  • In the middle of the day I crack the windows throughout the house to finally let fresh air flow and circulate and flush out the stale air of winter.
  • When I work in my office, in the mid-afternoon I open the door and windows and I'm pretty much working outside.
  • Pretty much ... yet suddenly I can hear the canyonlands call ...
  • Riding Lift 8 with friends, the conversation keeps veering back toward river trips ...
  • Baseball on in the afternoons (thanks to and XM). Sure, it's only spring training baseball, but it's still baseball! (And my wife groans ...)

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