Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Putting the "neato" in "magneato" -- and in one's economic engine

You know how it is living here on the West Slope of the Bell Curve: To make a living to do that living,f you sometimes got to be mighty creative in how one accumulates enough economic bricks to build a foundation you can stand on.

I know I myself in my time here in southwestern Colorado have had to weave a paycheck patchwork from wage-paying sources ranging from river guide to bus driver to Cajun cook (with my Boston accent, I wasn't allowed to actually speak to the customers), to college instructor and news reporter and magazine editor (these last three at the same time).

I also, though -- even though in terms of business acumen I have the anti-Midas Touch -- have undertaken several independent entrepreneurial enterprises, most of which blossomed then wilted overnight, largely unseen, like an orchid deep in the woods. This includes two magazines, a few blogs, a karate club, a couple of t-shirt designs, a non-profit, an LLC, and ... well, you get the idea. Whatever it takes.

Anyway, believe it or not, this blog isn't about me. But it is about that income ingenuity that is so abundant and colorful here in West Slopers. In particular, this is about how that creativity has most recently manifested in my friend Todd Thompson, who was a West Sloper but recently moved to Virginia, but brought that whacky west-side Colorado attitude with him. (Like the time he went boating on the Potomac during the snowstorm of the century. Nice.)

Well, Todd's latest scheme to wring a living out of his new home habitat is MagneatoSpheres. MagneatoSpheres are, from my understanding, powerful rare-earth magnets coated with a glaze that makes them usable. And addicting, when they're brought together in large numbers to create patterns and structures and ... whatever you can.

Dude, that qualifies as West Slope-y in my mind, where ever it's done.

Still, it's the style that makes this, with my sense of hillbilly humor, a truly Colorado-esque endeavor. Todd and his partner in this project have undertaken their little economic excursion with tongues firmly in-cheeks. So the website alone is worth a visit and poke around: aside from the oddity of rare-earth magnetic balls to play with (but don't get them near your computer or phone!), the website is full of punny fun and curious bits of news and info about the invisible electromagnetic world both on Earth and beyond.


Learn more about MagneatoSpheres here.

And check out the comical commercial Todd created starring his two young boys. Sure to launch rich and profitable careers in YouTube. Or futures carving their own creative economic paths on the West Slope of the Bell Curve ...

MagneatoSpheres: The bigger and more challenging toy for adults

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