Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A little getaway goes a long way ...

Every little bit helps. And lately, help has been needed.

Specifically, the help needed lately has been to get out. To get out there, anywhere. Anything to dilute the numbing of work and school and a cold, cloudy, restless spring.

The anywhere Webb and I chose this weekend was Muley Point, on the edge of Cedar Mesa, overlooking the San Juan River -- where, we both agree, we'd really like to be. But can't, yet. So we settled for a spontaneous and quick "little bit" -- a 24-hour getaway to where we can at least say hey to the country we ache for.

So on Sunday afternoon we threw camping gear and some food and our guitars in the truck and headed west. Dinner and a fire and some guitar playing and chatting on the rim while the newly-waxing moon floated over the canyonlands -- and the space station zipped by overhead. Then sleeping under the milky spillage of the Milky Way. Then waking for coffee and a walk and ... well, just breathing the air, savoring the silence, drinking in the views and sucking the spirit of the landscape we both love. Then, back home to do our daily duty ... but recharged, some.

It was a little bit, but it sure helped. Until we can get the dose of out there we really need. Soon ...

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